Miriam Dema’s work is a tribute to the beauty of imperfection and the generosity of life in moments of splendor. In the joy of colour, depth and largesse in stroke, dance freely elements indissociable from happiness, such as shared summer tables, freshly cut flowers and fruits.

Wooden tables, oil paint and oil pastels, are usually her canvas and technique of choice. Partially uncovered layers of color give her the opportunity to obtain richer textures and nuances and allows the viewer to experience part of the process when seeing the final work.

A bold use of colour, simplified shapes and dynamic perspectives, combined with the lightness of her constructed memories give her compositions a fresh and naïve breeze.

Miriam Dema graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 2017, city where she currently lives after spending over a year in Lima, Peru, developing and evolving her style.