7h 50' 48''

7h 50’ 48’’ is a project that reflects about the acceleration of time and its impact on the way we relate to food.


The frenziness of our daily routines coupled with the increased sophistication of food production techniques have progressively diluted the rituals around eating and cooking that used to be the central pillar of family dynamics for centuries into automatic and unconscious subsistence actions.


Miriam Dema symbolically fights this by consciously cooking potatoes underground following ancestral cooking practices such as hāngi, from New Zealand, or Huatia, from Perú, which required almost eight hours of preparation. This practice implies a resistance to today’s rush, an almost utopic action, as the time that it requires seems without place in today’s accelerated society.


This work was selected as part of a collective exhibition curated by the artist Rafael Griera in Barcelona's gallery Nogueres-Blanchard, and was presented by simultaneously playing six videos of the process. Each video had a timer, which gave the viewer the opportunity to acknowledge the time and dedication this action took, and therefore, to understand the underlying message of the project.

Frame of the video that registered the action

Video installation

14’ 22”, continous projection.

Digital video in color

Mono sound


text reads '7h 50' 48'' to cook five potatoes'